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DIY Tips - How to fit your Banners
Banners are produced with ropes and eyelets unless otherwise specified.

Wire Fences - Banners can be attached with electrical cable ties or simply tied to the fence with the ropes.

Brick Walls - Drill holes and install Nylon plugs (purchased at hardware stores), then simply screw the banner to the wall through the eyelets.

To keep the banner from curling, insert a 10mm steel rood on the top and bottom pockets. It would also help in storage to roll the banner.
NOTE: NEVER fold banners.
How to apply Vinyl Decal Lettering to Vehicles
How to install our DIY Signage
Glass or Acrylic
Important Tip
Recommended Letter Height for Effective Distance
Polishing & Cleaning of Signs
Working with Publisher files
Removing adhesive Lettering
Removing Static on Perspex or Plastic
Using a Rod in seam of banner
How to fit your banner
Vector or Bitmap
What if my logo is to small
When is it suitable to use magnetic Signs
Working in millimeters
X & Y Measurements
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